Introduction to my blog

Why I'm starting it, and what I'll write about.

About me

I'm Cage. I'm an American living in Amsterdam. I studied Software Engineering in the Netherlands.

Let's get onto the blog stuff.

Why I'm starting a blog

Here are a couple of quotes that sum up my reasoning to start this blog.

To teach is to learn twice - Joseph Joubert

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough - Albert Einstein

This is enough reason for me, but if you're interested, read on and maybe you'll find something you resonate with and even start your own.

Personal goals

Essentially, there are four main goals that I hope to achieve from writing in this blog. They are:

  • Consistency and discipline
  • Stronger written communication skills
  • To avoid perfectionism
  • To expand my knowledge

The first is consistency. Consistency in writing and publishing articles. I want to gain discipline in writing and publishing and use it as leverage for more consistency in other areas.

The second is stronger written communication skills. Not only written communication, but communication in general. Expressing thoughts in the form of writing will help me to organise my mind, and gain a more consistent and linear thinking process.

Perfect is the enemy of good. Getting something out there, and fixing it later if it needs to be fixed is much better than not putting something out there in the first place. I'm aiming for the 80% rather than 100%.

The last goal is to expand my knowledge. If i'm consistent in writing, then I will have to be consistent in reading to find interesting things to write about.

What I want to provide

I want to introduce concepts and information about web development and design for people wanting to learn and develop their skills. I want to provide useful resources and tips that are accessible for someone of any skill level.

What will I write about?

Most of my efforts will be focused on the overlap between UI/UX design, and the development of web apps. Broadly I will write about web design, web development, frontend frameworks, and maybe a bit about life.

Does this sound interesting to you?

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